Health, Education, and Social Context

Active Research Grants

A Social Science Collaboration for Research on Communication and Learning based upon Big Data, MIDAS Data Science Challenge Grant. This multidisciplinary project is a collaboration between researchers from multiple units at the University of Michigan and at Georgetown University, and the team will also includes researchers at Gallup.  Georgetown researchers are specifically addressing how we can explore the intersection of parenting and social media (2017).

Early Pubertal Timing and Psychosocial Outcomes in Adulthood, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The current research estimates the longevity of the effects of early pubertal timing on women's health and well-being, considering depression, substance use and abuse, antisocial behavior, and physical health in adulthood. Drawing on two uniquely rich datasets, the project leverages a sibling comparison design to examine links between pubertal timing and adult health in a way that enables a clearer test of causal mechanisms (2016).


Past Research Grants

Patterns of food assistance program participation across early childhood and associations with food insecurity and kindergarten wellbeing, Institute for Research on Poverty RIDGE Center for National Food and Nutrition Assistance.  The current study uses secondary data to investigate the effect of food insecurity during infancy and toddlerhood on children's cognitive and social-emotional skills in kindergarten compared with peers who had enough nutritious food during their earliest stages of development (2014-2015).